James Purdy
James Purdywas born in Ohio in 1923. He lives in Brooklyn Heights and teached at the New York University. His first books were two small paperbound books that were printed for private distribution by two of his friends.
The other paperback was somewhat larger, They were published commercially in England with the titles 63: Dream Palace and later, in the late fall of 1957, in America as Color of Darkness.
Though none of James Purdy's works of fiction have been commercially successful, his reputation has grown steadily with each subsequent book (the novels Malcolm, 1959, The Nephew, 1960, Cabot Wright Begins, 1964, Eustace Chisholm and the Works, 1967, Mourners Below 1981, On Glory's Course 1984, Garments the Living Wear 1989, and more, and a second collection of stories and two plays, Children is All, 1962). 63: Dream Palace and at least one of his novels are indisputably contemporary classics; his stories have been anthologized time and time again; his plays have been produced in Germany and Yugoslavia; his works have been translated into more than a score of languages including Chinese; critics increasingly reckon him as one of the major writers of our times. A quiet, contemplative man who avoids publicity and looks upon the cocktail-and- television-appearances circuit of the New York publishing world as one of the many manifestations of Hell in contemporary society, Purdy  lives and writes in comparative isolation, a reject, in his own words, from a sick society.
It is as a prose poet of the grotesque and the alienated that Purdy has achieved his highest success. His is a strange and highly individual talent. He is preoccupied with the paradoxes he finds in the human situation - love-hate, beauty-ugliness, compassion-cruelty. He leads us into a world in which customary values are reversed, where the familiar suddenly becomes terrifying, as though one walking through a well known terrain were to find himself at the edge of a void alive with sights and sounds only partly recognizable.
The volume The Brooklyn Branding Parlors was first published in 1986, and later in the collected poems, published in Holland by Atheneum, for wich occasion he came to Holland and was interviewed by Adriaan van Dis on the Dutch television.

From  U.S. reviews:
"James Purdy is one of the very best writers we have" - New York Times Book Review
"James Purdy is absolutely, infuringly, original" - Newsweek
"An authentic American genius" - Gore Vidal
"A writer of the highest rank in originality insight and power" - Dorothy Parker

63: Dream Palace
The Nephew
Cabot Wright Begins
Eustace Chisholm and the Works
Jeremy's Version
I Am Elijah Thrush
The House of the Solitary Maggot
In a Shallow Grave
Narrow Rooms
Mourners Below
On Glory's Course
In the Hollow of His Hand
Garments the Living Wear

An Oyster Is a Wealthy Beast
The Running Sun
Sunshine Is an Only Child
Lessons and Complaints
The Brooklyn Branding Parlors

Stories and Plays
Color of Darkness
Children Is All
A Day after the Fair
Proud Flesh
The Candles of Your Eyes